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รอก Kuli

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Range of capacity 1 t - 125 t

KULI electric wire rope hoists represent more than eighty years of experience in the manufacture of hoists. They comply with the German rules for prevention from accidents, DIN-standards, FEM regulations or EN/ISO-standards and most of international standards and regulations. From the outer appearance of RS-series hoists one can recognize the compact design.

The modular construction with its only few components permits economical use in many applications. Electric brake motors and all gearing are specifically designed for hoisting duty and are manufactured in our works under our control, and are subjected to strict quality tests for safety and reliability.

Design features

  • The hoist motor is a parallel rotor, high torque squirrel cage machine specially rated for hoist duty, for either single or dual speed lifting
  •  Long wearing and weatherproof DC disc brake
  • Overhoisting and overlowering safety limit switch is incorporated in a terminal box which also houses the electronic brake control
  • Motor windings are to class F insulation, dust and damp proof enclosure to IP 54, with temperature sensors embedded in the motor windings.
  • Compact epicyclic gearing, greased and sealed for life
  • Power equalising and load balancing gives even loads on all planetary gears ensuring smooth, low friction operating
  • Gear rims, planetary wheels and pinions are made of high grade alloy steel, fully heat treated for high wear resistance
  • Fully machined rope drum is supported in high quality ball bearings, greased and sealed for life
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